YMT-JW-A10 Standard Multihead Weigher with Hopper

The JW-A range is ideal for the packing of all dry products such as sweets (wrapped and unwrapped), nuts, crisps, small engineering components etc.

It can be used as a stand alone machine for the manual filling of bags & boxes or can be connected to almost any automatic packaging machine. We also offer a wide range of feed systems to suit all requirements

Each collection bin is mounted on a load cell to weigh the contents and  uses a high speed processor to monitor the weight of each bin, it then selects the correct combination of bins to give a very accurate high speed portion. A programmable controller allows the programming of up to 99 different products. The more heads the machine has the quicker it can operate.

A range of options is available to help the feeding and accurate control of the chosen products.

Please speak to our sales team for advice regarding the best system for your product and requirements.


Model YMT-JW-A10 YMT-JW-A12 YMT-JW-A14
Identify Code A10-1-1 A12-1-1  A14-1-1
Weighing Range 10-1000g 10-1500g 10-1500g
Accuracy X(0.5) X(0.5) X(0.5)
Max Speed 65P/M 100P/M 120P/M
Hopper Volume 1.6/2.5L
Control Panel 7” Touch Screen
Options Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device
Driving System Step Motor
Power Requirement 220V/1000W/ 50/60Hz/10A 220V/1200W/ 50/60Hz /10A 220V/1500W/ 50/60Hz /10A
Packing Dimension(mm) 1620(L)*1100(W)*1110(H) 1700(L)*1100(W)*1130(H) 1700(L)*1100(W)*1265(H)
Gross Weight 380kg 430kg 490kg