Technical Data Fan,

speed-controlled flap

max. volumetric  air flow rate: 2600m³/h

max. pressure level: 715Pa;

drive motor

power: 1,1Kw

Air heater

4 stages: 0-5-10-15-20kW

Air cooler (direct evaporator),

cooling capacity: 27kW

Condensing unit

rated cooling capacity: 16,6kW at 7.2/32°C

power consumption:  7,4kW at 7.2/32°C

Steam humidifier

steam capacity: 10kg/h

power consumption: 7,5kW



Technical parameters 1. Input power: three-phase four-wire AC380V±10% 2. Working environment: temperature -10℃~+40℃ relative humidity<85%(25℃) altitude<4000m 3. Refrigerant: R22 4. Device capacity: <2.5kVA 5. Low noise centrifugal fan power: 200W, flow rate 2600m3/h 6. Plate heat exchanger B3-020-24-3.0 Heat dissipation area 0.48 7. Flow meter: 40-400L/h 8. Weight: 100kg 9. Air cooler, cooling capacity consumption:27kw Function This device integrates DC air conditioning, refrigeration compressor performance, refrigeration heat pump, surface cooler performance, and heater performance. It can perform air heating, humidification, cooling, drying, evaporator, condenser for phase change, and can measure each point Temperature, humidity, pressure, air volume, water flow and power. Features of the equipment 1. Console Adopting double-layer matte dense pattern spray structure, novel shape. The air circulation system is arranged on the top level, which can visually display the structure of the air handling unit; the front is equipped with a power control and measuring instrument function board. There are four universal wheels with brakes on the bottom for easy movement and fixation. 2. Measuring instrument (1) Temperature sensor, in order to be able to read intuitively, take out each group of temperature signals and connect the meter head to display The temperature measurement range is: -40℃~+120℃ The humidity measurement range is: 0%~100% (2) 2 vacuum pressure gauges (precision 2.5) The ranges are -0.1MPa~1.5MPa, -0.1MPa~3.5MPa and 0~0.4MPa, respectively, and measure the pressure on the low pressure side and high pressure side of the refrigeration system in real time. 3. Control instrument (1) 1 pressure controller Real-time monitoring of the low-pressure side pressure, high-pressure side pressure and steam generator pressure of the refrigeration system. When the high pressure is higher than the set value or the low pressure is lower than the set value, the controller sends a control signal to cut off the compressor power supply (2) 1 wind speed governor Used to control the wind speed and operating status of the axial fan 4. Air handling unit The air handler includes coarse filter, humidifying nozzle, surface cooler, heater (300W) and fan (rated speed 1450r/min, flow rate 2600m3/h, full pressure 715Pa, power 90W, noise 59dB) at 4 stages heating, 0.5,10,15,20 Kw Refrigeration unit: Composed of Hitachi hermetic compressor, condenser, filter drier, capillary tube, surface cooler and filling valve with a condensing unit cooling capacity at 16.6kw at 32 degrees on a power consumption of 7.4 kw during stated duration. 6. Humidification system: humidification capacity 300ML/L 7. U-shaped pipe is used for air volume test, water flow is measured by rotameter, temperature and humidity are measured by K-type thermocouple, and all temperatures are displayed by 16-channel inspection instrument. Measurable temperature as follows: 1) Fresh air dry bulb temperature 2) Fresh rheumatic bulb temperature 3) Dry bulb temperature before preheating and surface cooling 4) Wet bulb temperature before preheating and surface cooling 5) Dry bulb temperature after the surface cooler 6) Wet bulb temperature after the surface cooler 7) Reheating, outlet dry bulb temperature 8) Reheating, outlet bulb temperature 9) Outlet temperature of surface cooler 10) Outlet temperature of surface cooler 11) Inlet water temperature of heat exchanger 1 12) Outlet temperature of heat exchanger 1 13) Inlet water temperature of heat exchanger 2 14) Outlet temperature of heat exchanger 2 15) Compressor outlet temperature 16) Compressor suction port temperature The composition of equipment and accessories 1. Test wind tunnel 1 set 2. 1 set of induced draft fan 3. 1 set of adjusting air door 4. 1 refrigeration compressor 5. 2 sets of plate heat exchanger 6. 1 set of ultrasonic humidifier 7. Rotameter 2 sets 8. 2 U-shaped tubes 9. Inclined tube micromanometer 1 10. Surface cooler 1 11. Dry filter 1 12. 1 set of high and low voltage controller 13. 1 high-pressure meter 14. Low pressure meter 1 15. 2 one-way valves 16. Dry heater 2 groups 17. 1 water pump 18, 16 road inspection instrument 1 19. Digital display voltmeter 3 pcs 20, digital display ammeter 2 pcs 21. 1 water tank 22. 1 storage tank 23, K type thermocouple several 24. 1 set of four-way valve 25, 2 expansion valves 26. It is composed of stainless steel movable support. 1 set