LR8513 2 ch, sensor is sold separately

Measure Load Current and Leak Current Easily with Clamp Sensors

For AC/DC load current For AC leak current 2ch use with the LR8410s


Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple channels of voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals, some models providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance. The Hioki LR8513 is a wireless, 2-channel AC/DC current input module that utilizes Bluetooth® technology to either send measured data to the Hioki LR8410 Wireless Logging Station or to an Android (TM) tablet.

Data can be downloaded using Hioki’s tablet and smartphone app (for Android devices).
Search for “HIOKI” and download the Wireless Logger Collector!


• Measure AC and DC load current and AC leak current
• Choose from eight current sensors
• Place inside a distribution panel, close the cover, and monitor measured values from the outside
• Measure power easily—just set the voltage and power factor
• Compact, two-channel model fits where other devices don’t
• Measurement data is sent to the Hioki LR8410-20 using Bluetooth® wireless technology
• Measurement data is saved even when communications are interrupted
• Three-way power (AC adapter, AA alkaline batteries, or external 5 to 13.5 V power supply)
• Instrument can store 500,000 data points per channel