All-In-One Test Fixture for High Frequency 600 MHz Testing of a Diverse Range of Compo


IM9202 For the IM7580 series


Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from DC to 3 GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM9202 Test Fixture supports high frequency testing up to 600 MHz when paired with the IM7850 Impedance Analyzer series, and delivers a unique staging mechanism that lets you validate components and devices in various shapes and sizes, including RFID and NFC chips.

Key Features

  • Test fixture for IMPEDANCE ANALYZER IM7580 Series
  • High frequency testing up to 600 MHz
  • Test the impedance of devices in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, including leaded/though-hole devices, SMD, and RFID and NFC chips
  • Aids in properly identifying self-resonance frequency (SRF) and equivalent series resistance (ESR) to validate component performance