PW3336 2ch
PW3336-01 2ch, GP-IB installed
PW3336-02 2ch, D/A output installed
PW3336-03 2ch, GP-IB, D/A output installed

2-Channel AC/DC Power Meter for Single-Phase to 3P3W Equipment such as Motors, Inverters, Power Conditioners, and Power Supplies

  • 2 ch input, DC, or 1P2W to 3P3W 1000 V, 65 A max. input DC, or 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz ±0.1 % basic accuracy


Hioki benchtop power meters and power analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The PW3336 series measure power on the full range of electrical equipment, from single-phase devices such as battery-driven devices and household electronics to industrial use and three-phase electrical equipment over 2 input channels. The power meters provide coverage from DC to inverter frequencies with support for voltages up to 1000 V and direct-input currents of up to 65 A, and can also measure currents of up to 5000 A using an optional current sensor.


• Compatible with the SPECpower® benchmark for server power consumption
SPECpower® is a registered trademark of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
• Measure DC and single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 3-wire with 2-channel input
• For development and production of motors, inverters, power conditioners, power supplies, and other devices
• High-precision basic accuracy of ±0.1 % (*1)
(*1) For complete details, please refer to the specifications
• Wide frequency bandwidth of 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz or DC
• High-current measurement up to 65 A of direct input
• Harmonic measurement up to the 50th order according to IEC 61000-4-7
• High-accuracy measurement, even with a low power factor for no-load testing of transformers and motors
• Built-in external sensor input terminals to measure up to 5000 A AC
• Synchronize up to 8 units for multi-unit measurement