Get Results from the Job Site in Real-Time & Capture Data on the PC while Testing Remotely


GENNECT ONE is a free PC software for Windows operating systems that lets you log data in real-time, import data and files, configure instrument settings, export native data as a CSV file and create reports with select Hioki measuring instruments.

Key Features

  • Connect measuring instruments to a PC via a LAN cable
    Note: Operation guaranteed for up to 15 units. Please contact your nearest Hioki distributor for connections exceeding 15.
  • Display acquired data as graphs and simultaneously monitor all data in real-time*
    The measured value (present value) displayed by the measuring instrument is obtained at a certain interval (minimum 1s interval) according to the timer on the PC.
  • Operate measuring instruments connected via LAN from a PC
  • Automatically transfer files saved on a LAN-connected measuring instrument to a PC
  • Software automatically recognizes LAN-connected measuring instrument
  • Manage and save results with software
  • List MAX, MIN and AVG values (Display time of MAX & MIN data)