FT4310 Built in Bluetooth® Smart

Inspect solar panel bypass diodes for opens and shorts in broad daylight without covering panels

  • Easily inspect bypass diodes for open and short-circuit faults even in broad daylight Easily test using the strings in the junction boxes Automatically transfer data wirelessly


Traditionally, bypass diodes can only be inspected for good working condition at night or when power is not being generated by the solar panels in order to verify that any applied current is guided past the solar cells. With the FT4310 Bypass Diode Tester, you can detect for open faults even when the sun is out without covering the panels. Also test for short-circuit faults and cell string losses.


• Test for open or short-circuit bypass diodes even during the day*1
• Easily test using the strings in the junction boxes*2
• Save time – simultaneously measure all electrical parameters*3
• Automatically transfer data wirelessly (Available for Android and iOS devices*4)
*1 Testing can also be performed at night. Testing for short-circuit faults can only be performed during the day.
*2 There is no need to climb onto the roof and dramatically improving work efficiency.
*3 Measure open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, and bypass route resistance and display all three values at once.
*4 Automatically transfer data with Bluetooth® Smart


FT4310 Built in Bluetooth® Smart

Note: The FT4310 cannot measure strings installed in parallel. Please contact Hioki for more information.

Guarantee 3 Years



Data can be downloaded to tablets and smartphones using Hioki’s dedicated apps available from the Google Play or App Store.
Search for “HIOKI” and download the “GENNECT Cross” app.
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