FT3700-20 Long-focus type
FT3701-20 Long focus, precise-field type

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Sharply Focus on Measurement Spots with Two-Beam Laser Marker, Ideal for HVAC Applications

-35.0°C to 500.0°C 8 to 14μm measurement wavelength of Two-beam laser marker φ 83mm at a 1m distance (FT3700-20) φ 100mm at a 3m distance (FT3701-20)


The FT3700 and FT3701 are non-contact thermometers using infrared rays, accurately pinpointing the spot with a two-beam laser marker. The infrared temperature guns identify the surface temperature of an object by measuring the energy level of the infrared rays emitted from the object without physically coming in contact with it.


• Pistol design with easy-to-see display
• A full menu of basic measuring functions
• Easily test in difficult locations, moving objects or where there is danger of electric shock